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Weekly Fulfillment of Fresh Italian Truffles

Truffles 101

Italian truffles, known as ‘Tartufo’ in Italy, are a species of subterranean fungi that grow beneath underground close to tree roots. They are prized around the world as a culinary delicacy – celebrated for their intense aroma and flavor that can elevate even the humblest of dishes to gastronomic heights.

Truffles grow best in humid, cool climates. They thrive in forests throughout Tuscany and Umbria, growing beneath the roots of various tree species – such as willow, poplar, hazelnut, and oak. Truffles are a seasonal fungus, and different varieties grow at different times of year. There are nine edible types of truffles, but the main varieties are grown in fall & winter and are named for their colour – white or black.

Tuber Magnatum or white truffles are also known as Trifola d’Alba Madonna (“Truffle of the White Madonna” in Italian), the King of Truffles or White Diamonds. They grow exclusively in Italy and are the rarest and most expensive type of truffle. Treasured across the world, they have an incomparable aroma and flavor. White truffles have an irregular shape, are smooth, and range from white to ochre in color. Their aroma is earthy, and the flavor may include notes of garlic, nuts or honey.

Tuber Melanosporum or black truffles are a highly sought-after ingredient in high-end cooking. They are grey-brown in colour with white, marbling veins on the inside. They are milder in flavour than the white, with some describing the aroma as having notes of chocolate, earth, or dried fruit. Black truffles have a dark brown to black exterior with a reddish tinge. Inside the flesh is dark with white veins.

Care Instructions

Black truffles last 10 days, white truffles last 6 days.

Clean with a soft wet toothbrush, never under running water.

For optimal freshness, individually wrap in paper towel and change paper towel every day. Alternatively, store in sealed container of dry rice – leaving you with delicious truffle-infused rice to cook with.